Sunday, November 27, 2016

In 16 Seconds Want to Know how it Feels to Jump Into the Pacuare River?

The Pacuare River, or the Río Pacuare,and flows approximately 108 km to the Caribbean. It is a popular location for white water rafting, whitewater kayaking and riverboarding. The rainforests that surround the river are home to exotic animal species such as jaguars, monkeys, ocelots, and a very large number of birds. Also it was considered one of the 5 nicest rivers to practice rafting. [Read more

In 16 seconds...Want to know how it feels to jump into the Pacuare River? Hold your breath...

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Trip to the Open Air Farmers Market in Costa Rica

We took a recent trip to the farmers market, and showed my daughter her culture and foods we plan to eat for the week.

In Turrialba, Costa Rica we have the open air farmers market - where a lot of the foods sold are locally grown. Many are even organic. Yum!

This is a great time for me to bond with my daughter at the same time teach her about the foods available to us. This experience is one of my favorite to do, as I also catch up with a lot of the vendors I've grown to know in the years I have lived in Turrialba, Costa Rica. Some I've even visited their farms and had invited me to their homes.

Our community is a mid-sized town and many of the locals here know each other.

If you ever come to Costa Rica, make sure to try and experience shopping at the local farmers market. You can taste the difference!

How would you like your eggs? These our my happy people of Costa Rica!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ready, Set, Go!

Here we go! Get your daily does of Gallo Pinto Talks. I'm your guide, Massi Devoto. I'll show you the best of, Costa Rica! On today's event, La Ruta de los Conquistadores a difficult endurance race held in my country. The trail runs from coast to coast! Check back daily for more updates!

Every year, hundreds of the very best mountain bikers and endurance racers from around the world come to Central America to test themselves in this unique odyssey of distance, geography, climate and culture. La Ruta, the only bike race that traverses the American land mass from coast to coast — from Pacific to Atlantic —is no easy day at the beach. Between its sea-level start and finish, the 161-mile route crosses 5 mountain ranges that force you climb a cumulative 29,000 feet! (Read more)

More pics from todays race!

When there is a race, there is also fuel. On the menu - to help the racers they are served with Picadillo de Papa and burritos beans with cheese. Yummy!

Legendary, chef Memito, cooking up some killer meals for the riders!
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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Let the Race Begin!

Registration day for La Ruta de los Conquistadores  #larutadelosconquistadores one of best endurance race held in, Costa Rica. Riding from Coast to coast bikers endure some of the most challenging terrain. #conquertheimpossible #costarica #mountainbiking#travelblogger

Here are some videos  from the event. 

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