Thursday, December 22, 2016

Good Thing this Wonderful Place is not Listed in Air B and B

This beautiful location is definitely one to see and live in. Image your window is a powerful waterfall gushing down from the top. The cool water breeze keeps the atmoshpere temperature just right. There is even delivery service which is hauled by the local cowboys to bring up the basic amenities. The make-shift kitchen allows you to be able to cook up locally grown foods or foods found in the wild.
We got to experience this amazing location called, Diyamante Falls. This isolated place can only be reached by 4x4 vehicles, then, on horses to climb upwards to steep mountains, and to arrive on foot by hiking. Once you've reached your destination, you can appreciate the challenges it took to get to this wonderful, secluded place.
The view is not only thing you can see, there are other hikes you can reach further up to smaller waterfalls. There are even cliffs that overlook the valley from the area. Swimming is a must, after sweating off half of your fluids in your body - to cool off. Complete this experience by repelling off the cliff, next to the waterall.

It's a good thing Air B&B does not list this place. It's nice to know it's not easily accessible to everyone, which can make the experience less desireable. But in our networks and association we are able to bring this story and information to our Gallo Pinto Talks audience.
 Driving at the base of the mountain with 4x4 vehicles.
 Looking at the waterfall at the base.
 Group photo before trekking into the jungles, to get to the waterfall.
 Local teen cowboy, working in the fields.
 Getting on the horses as we ascend into the mountain.

Arriving at the waterfalls, the beauty is remarkable!
Arriving at the entrance of Diyamante Falls
The view underneath the waterfall.
More views under the waterfall.
Under the waterfall, there is a bed (more like a cushion sitting on top of rocks)
This your view everytime.
 Meals underneath the waterfall. j

More smaller waterfalls located above Diyamante Falls. 

 Views over the cliff
 Once you're done hiking, take steps to try the repelling off the waterfall.
 Don't look down, it's a long way!

 Still going down...
Still going down...

To find out more information about this place contact us at Ask for Massi Devoto, I'm your guide!

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